Emerson Playbooks

In The Cloud

Create, Publish and Maintain Customized Process Publications

Compelling reasons for documenting, consolidating & integrating critical information and other software applications into a seamless primary control process publication.

Create & publish web based process manuals, playbooks & protocol publications without having to use conventional desktop publishing software.

Working in the On Line Publishing Platform is relatively easy thru the simple graphic user interface (GUI)

Customers do not have to engage Emerson to keep their finished publications “evergreen”.

A standard template in the On-Line Publishing Platform also allows customers to accomplish their own branding.

Team collaboration for revisions is facilitated without having to use other applications.

Training, whether for new employees on-boarded, or for team collaboration to refresh, similarly is facilitated without having to use other applications.

EMG’s On Line Publishing Platform is unique because it easily accomplishes complex, multiple tasks through one seamless application; is user friendly, allows customers to create, customize, publish and refresh directly by themselves if they wish, all at a cost effective price.

Clients end up in a winning position as use of the Platform will pay for itself in less than one year depending upon the number of stakeholders required to use the publication on a regular basis.
On Line Editing & Publishing Platform  (OLEP)