Provided in relation  to business publications, process mapping, strategic planning, etc.

 Provided to support client customization and use of publications and other reference docs.

We provide generic templates for publications such as:

 • Playbooks              

 • Operations Manuals  • Training Manuals   

 • Guidelines, etc. These contain a full compliment of forms and other reference docs.for customization by client or Emerson at client’s election.




Our background includes extensive hands on experience as principles, consultants and employees in real  estate development, construction, and real estate management  fields  including outsourced services, . Based on this experience, we are  able to efficiently interface  with our clients in  mapping  and  customizing their business processes fto produce easy to use publications.We excel in distilling best practices gained from decades of experience in the field resulting in best in class coverage for our clients. We continuously improve format and templates to provide the most user friendly interface  reading possible for  technical publications  minimizing  time books sit on the shelf. All publications are  interactive and online  in both a Web and PDF versions.

We have found that  most companies excel in producing policy and procedure operations  information but  are short in having adequately mapped their business processes.  We can  readily illustrate  the cost effectiveness of having our Group create business  publications for  you based on our decades of experience in this field.

We  publishes completed interactive books to a client designated online site for 24/7 access by designated stakeholders

Forms & Charts

We create custom formats and content for publications to meet client specific needs.such as

  • Playbooks

 • Operations &    Training Manuals

 • Catalogs

 • Protocols

 • Annual Reports

 • Guidelines, etc.

We provide:

  • Generic forms for     customer     customization or     creates custom     forms to meet     specs.

  • Custom swim lane      charts, diagrams,     schedules, tables     and other     reference docs .     created to meet     specs.

Maintenance Publishing

We maintain completed publications on a on-demand or batch basis to keep them evergreen at client’s request.