Emerson Playbooks

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Create, Publish and Maintain Customized Process Publications

Project / Program / Development / Construction / Facility Management;

Management of Integrated Real Estate Services

Design Custom Process Templates to Customer Specifications

EMG Work Flow Template

Swim Lane Chart Template

Visio Chart Template

Create Generic Business Process Workbooks to Customer Specifications


Additional Customer Assistance to Create, Complete and /or Maintain Process Publications

Design Custom Forms and Workbooks to Customer Specs

Process Refinements:

Gap Analysis

Work Flow Efficiency

Ownership Matrixing / Alignment for Roles Responsibilities and Tasks

Speed to Market

Risk Reward Analysis - Sequential vs Concurrent Processes
  Interactive Process Publications:

Create and Publish -

Operations Manuals



Critical Environment Management




 Database Inputting
  Software as a Solution (SaaS) :

EMG On-Line  Editing & Publishing Platform - (OLEP)

Complete Integrated on-demand solution for Process Publications

Minimize and simplify  your IT, hardware, maintenance and backup needs
In  the cloud

Pay only for what You Need

Do not purchase or cope with unnecessary “bells and whistles”
 Variable Resources  (Supporting Customer Bench Strength):

Project Startups and Transitions


Project Management

Construction Management

Property Management